Top 10 things every home cook should have

#1  Good knives

A good set of knives is so important if you want to be able to chop things up properly. Trying to finely chop an onion for example isn't a nice experience with a blunt or inferior knife! You don't have to break the bank either - have a look at this one as a starting point.

#2  Non-stick frying pan

Oh so useful! Not for everything but if you want to make an omelette without having a ton of dried-on eggs left behind then you need a non-stick pan. They're great for cooking pancakes, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, halloumi etc etc. We have just purchased this fine set of pans, they're a really good balance of price, quality and appearance and they have been brilliant so far!

#3  Meat Thermometer

#4  Pizza stone

#5  Casserole dish

#6  Slow cooker


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