Emergency pasta

This recipe is the basis for a number of meals in our house. You know those times when you get home from work and realise that you haven’t planned the evening meal and the kids are going nuts etc? Well the trick is to make sure you have the ingredients in the cupboard all the time so you can use them as and when the necessity arises. Stock pile if you have to!!


What I have listed in the ingredients is by no means exclusive. If you have any left over cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and stir ‘em in. If you have a few rashers of bacon left over, slice them, fry them up and add them. You get the idea.

You will need:

  • 500g dried pasta (any shape/type will do)

  • 1 x jar of pesto (red or green)

  • 1 x jar of roasted/cooked peppers

  • 2 x tins of mackerel fillets 

  • Glug of olive oil

  • Salt & pepper

  • Handful of grated cheese

  • Salad on the side if you have some


Serves 4

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  1. Get the pasta cooking. 

  2. Slice the peppers into this strips or small chunks

  3. Once the pasta has cooked, drain and return to the saucepan

  4. Add a good glug of olive oil, the pesto, mackerel and peppers plus anything else you fancy and stir it all together

  5. Add salt & pepper to taste, serve with the cheese scattered on top.

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